Ints Compilation Demo Track

Above track is compilation of all the tracks below

You can download a copy of the Demo tracks HERE


"Late In The Evening"

"If I Ain't Got You"

"I Feel Good"

"Long Train Running"

"Rolling In The Deep"

"Proud Mary"

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"Strictly" Strict Tempo Dance

InterSeptors does "STRICTLY".
After some Clients requested the band follow on from the Strictly Come Dancing Shows and provide a few strict tempo routines, we jumped at the chance as it required quite a regimented set of routines as well as impeccable timings and tempos.

We now have a full set of strict tempo songs and melodies to include all the famous dancing tempos.
Please do let us know of any requirements for any ballroom dances that you may have. We would love the opportunity and keep up with all the latest tunes and dance routines for your party.